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Squeezo® Strainer

Code: GD-15967
Price: $276

Product Details

  • Aluminum, stainless steel, rubber, nylon bushing
  • Wooden plunger, plastic cleaning brush
  • 15" H
  • Hopper is 9" in diameter x 6" deep and holds 2-1/2 quarts
  • Includes standard screen with 1/16" holes
  • Deluxe model also includes berry screen (3/64" holes) and pumpkin screen (1/8" holes)
  • Attaches to tables up to 2-1/2" thick
  • Made in USA
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Make Homemade Sauces and Preserves without Peeling or Coring

  • Get the most from your harvest with the Squeezo® Strainer
  • Transform fruits and vegetables into seed-free, skin-free sauces and juices
  • Perfect for tomato sauce, applesauce, purees, jams, soups and baby food
  • The Squeezo Strainer includes a standard screen
  • The Deluxe Squeezo Strainer includes standard screen, berry screen and pumpkin screen

The Squeezo Strainer quickly and easily separates seeds, peels, cores and stems with a simple turn of the handle, so you get the most juice and puree with the least amount of effort. Simply add tomatoes, berries, steamed apples or vegetables into the hopper, turn the handle, and the juice and puree pour down the chute, while the seeds and skins are discharged separately. The juice and puree are ready for eating, cooking, freezing or canning. The Squeezo Strainer is the original — and still the best — all-metal food mill. It's made in the USA from aluminum and stainless steel, with no plastic parts to stain or retain odors. The built-in clamp lets you attach it securely to a table or countertop up to 2-1/2" thick. Recipes and instructions are also included.

The Squeezo comes with a standard screen (1/16" holes) for making tomato sauce, applesauce and baby food, plus a wooden plunger and cleaning brush. The Deluxe Squeezo Strainer comes with three screens: a standard screen, a berry screen and a pumpkin screen. The berry screen has extra-fine mesh (1/64" holes) that removes all but the tiniest seeds, so it's perfect for making seedless raspberry and blackberry jams. The pumpkin screen has larger, 1/8" holes and is ideal for pumpkin and squash purees and potatoes, as well as coarser applesauce and salsa.


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