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Aquasphere Pond Cleaners

Code: GD-16322
Price: $84

Product Details

  • Measures 6" in diameter
  • Biodegradable; not refillable
  • Not for control of duckweed
  • To calculate pond gallons:
    Length (in feet) x width x average depth x 7.5 = gallons.
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    Aquasphere Cleans Really Large Ponds

    • Earth-friendly way to promote clear pond water
    • Non-toxic and safe for fish, pets and aquatic plants
    • Cornstarch-based cover slowly biodegrades
    • Choice of two sizes: 50,000 gallons and 225,000 gallons

    Keep your pond fresh and clear with the cleansing power of beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Regardless of how large your pond is (up to 225,000 gallons or 1/4 acre), the Aquasphere will clean it for a full 30 days. Easy to use, reducing excess nutrients and breaking down organic matter that clouds water. These new, improved Aquaspheres are 100% biodegradable; the "plastic" cornstarch orb is designed to slowly degrade and will dissolve entirely after a few seasons. Use when water temperature is 50 degrees or warmer.


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