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Leaf Shredder, 13 Amp

Code: GD-16091
Price: $180

Product Details

  • Easy, no-tools assembly
  • 21-1/2" in diameter x 3' H overall
  • 19" hopper
  • 13-amp motor
  • 14" electrical cord
  • Weighs 13-1/4 lbs.
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Make Your Own Free, Nutrient-Rich Mulch with our Electric Leaf Shredder Mulcher

  • Reduce that pile of leaves down to 1/16th its size!
  • Shred leaves to use as mulch, add to the compost pile or bag up for municipal pick-up
  • Shredding leaves speeds up the decomposition process, releasing plant nutrients
  • Electric shredder is lightweight, efficient and easy to operate
  • Quieter than gasoline-powered shredders, with no noxious fumes

Fall leaves contain loads of plant nutrients, but left in a big pile the leaves break down slowly and take up lots of room. Our leaf mulcher shreds the leaves into small pieces that decompose quickly, releasing the nutrients — perfect for mulching perennial beds, adding organic matter to your vegetable garden or tossing on the compost pile. The shredder dramatically reduces the volume of leaves, converting up to 16 bags of leaves into one bag of shredded leaves.

  • Generous 19" hopper
  • Powerful 13-amp motor
  • Bladeless mulching system uses heavy-duty trimmer line
  • Mulches up to 55 gallons of leaves per minute
  • Adjustable settings for wet or dry yard waste
  • Easy to transport; weighs just 13-1/4 lbs.
  • Includes 20 replacement cutting lines
  • Shreds leaves, grass clippings and even pine needles

An advanced motor cooling system diverts air from the shredded leaves, significantly reducing the amount of dust generated during use. The unit stores compactly; simply remove the legs and nest the motor inside the hopper. Made by Sun Joe®, known for their affordable, high-quality outdoor tools that simplify yard maintenance.


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