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Berry Fertilizer

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Product Details

  • NPK: 2-3-4, plus 0.5% magnesium and 1% sulfur
  • Derived from bonemeal, potassium chloride, feather meal and sulfate of potash magnesia
  • 3 lbs.
  • For beds, use 2 tablespoons per square foot, or 1 cup per 8 square feet
  • For containers, use 1 tablespoon for an 8" pot, 2 tablespoons per 12" pot, and 3 tablespoons per 16" pot
  • Use first at planting time or early in the season; repeat application every 6 to 8 weeks or as necessary
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Organic Fertilizer Provides Optimal Nutrition for Berry Plants

  • Give blueberries, raspberries and strawberries the nutrients they need to thrive
  • All-natural, 2-3-4 formula
  • Fortified with magnesium and sulfur for maximum fruit production
  • Watch: Planting Bareroot Strawberries

Provide your berry plants with all of the nutrients they need and look forward to your biggest, tastiest and best harvest. This organic fertilizer is ideal for in-ground garden beds as well as raised beds and containers. All-natural fertilizer provides a long-lasting, slow-release supply of nutrients. This 100% organic formula helps improve soil health and won't burn roots.


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