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Aquacorner™ Raised Bed Soaker Systems

Code: GD-16367
Price: $106

Product Details

  • Aquacorners are made of powder-coated aluminum with plastic cap, with brass fittings and attached spigot
  • Raised Bed Corners are made of powder-coated aluminum with plastic cap
  • Soaker hose is made from recycled rubber
  • Fittings are plastic
  • Four heights: 6", 8", 10" and 12", designed to fit standard milled lumber
  • Philips screws included
  • Lumber not included
  • Assembly required
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive
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Exclusive | Enjoy the Convenience of a Self-Watering RaisedBed with the Aquacorner™ Soaker System

  • A fast and foolproof way to build a self-watering raised bed
  • The Aquacorner's internal plumbing brings the water right to the bed
  • Soaker hose waters plants slowly and deeply, so minimal water is lost to runoff and evaporation
  • Includes one Aquacorner, three regular Raised Bed Corners, 25' of soaker hose and fittings; you supply the lumber

A consistent supply of water is vital to a healthy and productive garden. With our new Aquacorner Soaker System you can quickly and easily create a self-watering raised bed that makes it easy to keep plants properly hydrated. The key is our innovative Aquacorner, with built-in internal plumbing and a spigot that lets you control water flow to the 25' of water-conserving soaker hose. Each system also includes three regular Raised Bed Corners; just slide your own standard milled treated or untreated lumber into the corners and secure with the screws provided. After planting the bed, arrange the soaker hose around plants and attach your garden hose to the brass fitting at the base of the Aquacorner. You're ready to water — no more setting up sprinklers or standing around with a hose! Choice of four heights: 6", 8", 10" and 12".


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