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Mole and Vole Repellent, 5 Lbs.

Code: GD-16272
Price: $22

Product Details

  • Clay granules impregnated with castor oil
  • 5-lb. shaker container
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    Anti-Mole Granules Also Drive Out Skunks, Voles — even Armadillos

    • Repel moles, safely, humanely and naturally
    • Also effective on other lawn pests, too
    • Effective for up to two months

    Save your lawn and garden from destructive diggers without harming them or the environment. Just sprinkle these castor oil-impregnated clay granules on grass and flowerbeds — the powerful time-release action goes right to work and repels for a full 60 days. 5 pound jug treats 2,500 square feet.


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