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Compost Twin

Code: GD-16701
Price: $734

Product Details

  • Drum is rust-resistant, galvanized metal; frame is powder-coated steel; end caps are plastic
  • 65” W x 66” H x 41” deep
  • Holds almost 25 cu. ft. of raw material
  • Weighs 150 lbs.
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Extra-Large, Super-Efficient Dual-Batch Compost Tumbler

  • Our largest tumbling composter!
  • Two drums for continuous composting action
  • Quickly and easily makes the highest quality compost
  • Holds almost 25 cubic feet of raw material
  • Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery

The super-sized Mantis Compost Twin composter has two chambers, so you can let one side "cook" while you continue to add scraps and yard waste to the other side. It holds a total of almost 25 cubic feet of raw material — that's 10 bushels (almost three 30-gallon trash bags) in each chamber! Super-sturdy construction and smart features make this compost bin easy to use and highly efficient at making the highest quality compost. Strategically placed vents allow oxygen into the chamber and assure even airflow and proper drainage, both critical for effective composting. Interior fins help mix and aerate the material as you rotate the drum. The enclosed bins keep out rodents, pets and wildlife. The ComposT-Twin is more attractive than unsightly compost piles, and the enclosed drums and efficient composting process eliminate composting odors, keeping neighbors happy. The ComposT-Twin's frame is 32" high, making it convenient to load and unload. The easy-crank handle and gear mechanisms make the drum simple to turn, even when it's fully loaded.


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